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Acceleration & Braking

Hand Control

The Creative Mobility Group provides four types of mechanical hand control systems. Each system has its own features and benefits to meet each driver’s individual needs. Most systems allow for the addition of up to four secondary functions (such as turn signal or horn) to be added for easy access. We offer only the highest quality hand controls manufactured by industry leaders. Additionally, all adaptive driving equipment is installed by our certified NMEDA QAP mobility technicians.

Push/Right Angle

The push/right angle system is the most common hand control used due its comfort and versatility. To operate, the driver pushes the handle forward to brake, and downward to accelerate.


With the push/rock system, the operating handle is in vertical position. To operate, the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake. The rocking motion allows full range braking and acceleration with minimal hand travel while keeping the hand a natural position.


The column-mounted push/pull system is ideal for drivers with limited legroom or when downward acceleration is obstructed. To operate, the driver pushes downward to brake and pulls upward to accelerate.

The floor-mounted push/pull system is operated with the right hand. To operate, the driver pushes the handle in the forward direction to brake, and pulls the handle backward to accelerate.


The column-mounted push/twist system provides a motor-cycle style acceleration with a push brake.

The floor-mounted push/twist system is operated with the right hand. With this system, the driver twists the ergonomic handle to accelerate and pushes the arm forward to brake.

The Creative Mobility Group offers hand controls from: Creative Controls, Inc., Mobility Products & Design, and Sure Grip.

Left Foot Accelerator

The left foot accelerator is highly adjustable to meet the individual needs of the driver. This product will ensure the driver a comfortable and safe driving experience. It is detachable for use by other drivers and, when removed, leaves behind only a slim plate that can be covered by a floor mat.

Pedal Extenders

PedalMates are designed to enhance the safety for drivers who need additional distance from the steering wheel. The brake (or clutch) PedalMate is fully adjustable with extension lengths from two to seven inches and at heights ranging between three and four inches. The gas PedalMate accommodates varying widths of pedals and securely tightens with a locking screw. It has an adjustable reach of two to six inches using an off-set bracket. The extender is ideal for people 4’10” to 5’5″ tall. PedalMates are also a safe solution for pregnant drivers looking to sit farther away from the steering wheel. Installation of Pedal Mates is simple! They secure over your existing pedals leaving no evidence behind when removed. PedalMates ship directly to the end user via UPS and can be shipped as early as the same day the order was placed.

Electronic Parking Brake

The electric parking brake push-button control is designed to set the parking brake with ease. This product is usually required when driving from a wheelchair or power-chair. The electric parking brake works on most vehicles with ABS brakes. An electronic parking brake can also be a unique accessory to customize your hot rod.