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Jul 14, 2023 Posted in: Uncategorized

Born in Yemen with multiple congenital anomalies and scoliosis, Sumaya tells a story of dreaming big and succeeding against all odds. And when her community rallied to support her, they… Read More

Feb 27, 2023 Posted in: Uncategorized

In honor of International Wheelchair Day on March 1st, we have selected Renew Mobility for this month’s non-profit spotlight. Renew Mobility is West Michigan’s central hub for recycling, distributing, and maintaining… Read More

Feb 13, 2023 Posted in: Uncategorized

What is a caregiver wheelchair van? Caregiver wheelchair vans were designed to improve affordability of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Many wheelchair users who always travel with a family member or caregiver… Read More

Feb 7, 2023 Posted in: Veteran Services

Michigan Paralyzed Veteran’s of America have published their quarterly newsletter, Rollin’ Times, for Winter 2023. The publication is a great resource to stay up to date on policy changes that… Read More