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Electronic Controls


LogiTouch is ideal for drivers who are looking for ease when operating a vehicle’s secondary controls. LogitTouch adds a new dimension to adaptive driving equipment by putting up to 18 function controls right at your fingertips.

LogiTouch Features:

  • Left or Right-Handed use
  • Left or Right-Handed use
  • Sleek design looks great in any vehicle
  • Self-cancelling illumination for night time driving
  • Buttons are labeled with universal symbols
  • Up to eighteen functions including: horn, hazards, head lights (on/off), left turn indicator, right turn indicator, head lights dim, front wash, rear wash, parking lights, front wiper (x3 speeds), rear wiper, head lights flash, front fog lights, rear defrost.


MemoryShift is an electronic push-button power shifter. The product is an ideal solution for drivers who have difficulty reaching or operating a vehicles shift lever. It is compatible with most vehicles and can be installed on the steering column or console. The MemoryShift is even compact enough for a custom installation. To use the MemoryShift is simple. Just apply the brakes, select and press the desired gear position (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive), wait until the gear position light illuminates, you’re in gear!

MemoryShift can also be a unique accessory to customize your hot rod.