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Man in reflective vest securing a wheelchair van onto a tow truckThe Creative Mobility Group has partnered with Axiom Product Administration to offer CMGuardian AssistTM, comprehensive roadside assistance coverage designed from the ground up to meet the needs of a mobility vehicle owner. With extra benefits especially for wheelchair users and people with disabilities, you can travel freely with the peace of mind knowing you’ll never be left stranded.

CMGuardian AssistTM  means you’re supported by a nationwide network of over 35,000 tow service and accessible transportation providers. Because in addtion to the typical towing service you expect with roadside assistance coverage, CMGuardian AssistTM also includes wheelchair accessible transport services to ensure you, the occupants of your vehicle, and your equipment can get to a safe location.

But wheelchair accessible transport service is just one of many ways CMGuardian AssistTM  roadside assistance has been tailored to meet your needs. Get details on all of the benefits and services included with this first-of-its-kind mobility roadside assistance program.

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