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Hand Controls

There are many different types of hand controls available. With methods such as push-pull, push-rock plus your traditional action hand control, we sell, install and service almost all brands of hand controls on the market today including: MPD, Veigel, and Sure-Grip hand controls.

    • Starting at $1,650*
    • 4-6 hour installation time
    • Requires prescription from Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
    • Two operation methods available: right and left hand

* Includes equipment & installation.

Want more information? View our hand control frequently asked questions or complete the form below, and a Mobility Consultant will reach out to you shortly.


  • necker knob


    The push/rock system puts the operating handle in a vertical position; the driver eases the handle back to accelerate and pushes forward to brake.

  • hand controls


    The right angle system is the least fatiguing; the driver pushes forward to brake and downward toward lap at a right angle to accelerate.

  • spinner knob


    The push pull system is less straining for the fingers and thumb; the driver pushes down toward the floor to brake and pulls back up to accelerate.

  • hand controls


    The right hand system is a universal floor mounted control operated with your right hand; the driver pushes to brake and pulls to accelerate.