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Michigan Stairlift Installations

Scooter stowage lifts allow you to bring your personal mobility device with you wherever you go! There are several types of lifts available to accommodate different vehicles, scooters, and power wheelchairs. Contact a Mobility Consultant at the Creative Mobility Group to help you determine which lift will best fit your mobility needs. We can even schedule an in-home product demonstration for your convenience.

Scooter lifts

Indoor Stairlifts

Hoist scooter lifts (also called crane- or boom-style lifts) are motorized devices that lift and rotate your mobility device into your minivan, SUV, or pickup truck. The versatility to accommodate scooters and power wheelchairs of all sizes, makes hoist-style lifts the most popular lifts on the market. Weatherized options are available for pickup truck applications. Heavy duty hoist lifts are designed to stow unoccupied power wheelchairs up to 420 pounds. [View More]

Outdoor Stairlifts

Platform scooter lifts make stowing your scooter or power wheelchair easy! Simply drive your mobility device onto the lift platform and press a button to stow your scooter or wheelchair inside your vehcile. Platform lifts can stow your non-occupied mobility device through the rear hatch or side door of your minivan. Most platform scooter lifts can be installed without any drilling or modifications to your vehicle. [View More]

Harmar_AL100_Installed_02Curved Stairlifts

Exterior scooter carriers are installed in the hitch receiver of your vehicle.  Simply drive your scooter onto the platform at ground level, and a motor will raise it to driving level.  Most exterior lifts will even secure your scooter to the platform automatically. Your mobility device will reman outside the vehicle while being transported. And the “Swing Away” option makes accessing your rear hatch or trunk easy. All-weather covers are available to protect your scooter from the elements. Don’t have a hitch? Don’t worry, the Creative Mobility Group can install one for you too! [View More]


The Creative Mobility Group is Michigan’s premier provider of scooter lifts offering only the industry’s best products by the best manufacturers.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you select the proper lift solution that best fits your mobility needs.  All of our technicians are certified by the manufacturer to ensure a quality installation so you can enjoy your lift for years to come. Please contact the Creative Mobility Group to learn more about how a scooter lift could help you.

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