PedalMates Adjustable Pedal Extenders

What are Pedal Extensions?

Pedal extensions (also referred to as pedal extenders) are bolt on devices that bring the pedals of the vehicle closer to the driver, providing more space between short-stature drivers and the steering wheel.

PedalMates Make Driving Comfortable

PedalMates allow you to reach the pedals of your vehicle without overextending your foot.  With PedalMates, you will also be able adjust your pedals so you can rest your heel on the floor while driving to alleviate fatigue.  The unique design of the product allows for endless adjustments that only PedalMates can offer.

The brake (or clutch) PedalMate is fully adjustable with extension lengths from two to seven inches and at heights ranging between three and four inches. The gas PedalMate accommodates varying widths of pedals and securely tightens with a locking screw. It has an adjustable reach of two to six inches using an off-set bracket. The extenders are ideal for short-stature drivers between 4’5″ – 5’5″ tall. PedalMates also provide safe driving solutions for pregnant drivers, overweight drivers, or drivers with knee and hip problems.

PedalMates Make Driving Safe

PedalMates are designed to extend the driving pedals on cars, trucks, and vans to allow the driver to sit a safe distance from the vehicle’s airbag. Sitting too close to the steering wheel and airbag of your vehicle can be dangerous. Government experts recommend that a driver’s face and chest be positioned at least 10″ from the airbag. PedalMates gas, brake, and clutch pedal extensions provide a safe, simple and inexpensive solution for short-stature drivers to achieve this position.

PedalMates Are Easy To Install

Pedal Mates pedal extenders are really simple to install!  They secure over your existing pedals and leave no evidence behind when removed. The pedal extensions are securely clamped to the pedals. There is no damage to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vehicle pedal. **PLEASE NOTE: PedalMates CANNOT be used on vehicles with plastic brake and/or clutch pedals. The gas extension will NOT work on accelerators that hinge on the floor at the bottom of the pedal. Example:Pedal for Pedal Mates

PedalMates Are Returnable

The Creative Mobility Group (CMG) does not accept any returns after thirty days of the date of receipt. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Please note, shipping costs will not be refunded. CMG reserves the right to inspect the product to determine its physical condition. If the product is not returned in acceptable condition, CMG may return the product to the purchaser without credit. Please call 888-998-4264 for prior authorization for return.

Official Online Retailer of PedalMates

We are the official online retailer for PedalMates.  PedalMates have been featured on Car Talk and in the Detroit News.

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