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Platform Scooter Lifts

VSL-4000HW_JoeyJoey by Bruno

The most popular Bruno scooter, power chair lift for minivans and full-size vans, the Joey is the easiest interior solution available. Just drive on the platform, press a button and Bruno’s space-efficient Joey lifts and stows your mobility device. Use the Bruno Joey to lift your scooter or powerchair hassle free in the back of your van. [Learn More]

Harmar_AL600_Lifestyle_10AL600 by Harmar

The best of both worlds. The AL600 by Harmar provides easy drive-on, drive-off convenience for power wheelchairs and scooters with added benefit of stowing your mobility device inside your vehicle and safe from the elements. The compact design of this lift fits virtually all scooters & power chairs and is ideal for SUV’s and smaller crossovers. [Learn More]

Harmar AL690AL690 by Harmar

A Harmar exclusive! The AL690 Hybrid Platform Lift is an innovative solution to brings the mobility device closer to the user. This lift delivers a power chair or scooter right next to the driver or passenger side door. Simple, one-button operation and compact design make the AL690 one of the most user-friendly lifts available. [Learn More]

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