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Christina is the General Manager of the Madison Heights office. She has been a part of the CMG team since she was a wee-one. Her dad started in the mobility business before she learned to walk. She loves shopping, but hates spending her money. Traveling, cider mills, family, and friends make her smile. Running, pumping gas, and long lines make her frown. A Michigan Wolverine; Go Blue! She wishes she were a good singer, but she’s not. She sings anyway! Her direct phone number is 248-607-3487.



Thomas is the General Manager of the Byron Center office. He has not been a part of the CMG team as long as his sister Christina simply because she entered the world two years before him, but he’s been a team player since the era of bottles and diapers thanks to his dad. A business man from the start and a forever University of Michigan Ross School of Business graduate (But, maybe not a forever University of Michigan football fan!) He enjoys biking and heading Up North to Indian River, Michigan. One year he made a New Year’s Resolution to stop drinking pop and he hasn’t drunk pop since! His direct phone number is 616-583-8029.



Margo is a Lead Mobility Consultant. She has been a part of the CMG team for five years. She hates flying, but she loves traveling. Puppies, the elderly, and pudgy babies with lots of hair are her favorite. Oh, and her two beautiful children! She is a dancing queen and one of the most loveable people you will ever meet! Her direct phone number is 248-607-3490.



Rick is a Mobility Consultant. He has been a part of the CMG team for years. He’s a biker dude who loves his Harley. He doesn’t have a dog, or a cat, or a parrot, but he does have wonderful grandchildren. He likes his morning cup of coffee and his good- old-fashioned wood burning fireplace. His direct phone number is 616-583-8028.


Randy is a Mobility Consultant. Just like Rick, he loves to go on joy rides on his motorcycle to cruise the open roads. His direct phone number is 616-583-8030.



Larry aka Mug is a Lead Technician. He is “Mr.Fix-It.” His tool cart is his baby. He is very protective of it and will notice if anything is missing. He enjoys relaxing Up North at Stoney Pine and is an avid Jeopardy watcher. He loves his family, his job, and his life, but hates how fast it is all passing by. He is a perfectionist, and he never forgets a customer after he meets them!



Ken is a Technician. He is the newest member of the CMG Family. He enjoys running around after his toddler and spending time with his family!