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Service Specials

Maintenance and Safety Inspections

Wheelchair Accessible Minivan Inspection—$100

  • Check complete operating condition (abnormal noises, binding, grinding)
  • Clean and lubricate ramp hinges
  • Check tightness of ramp motor bolts /hinge bolts / rivets
  • Lubricate ramp pivot pin and bushings
  • Inspect and lubricate ramp drive arm
  • Operate ramp to ensure proper stow deploy switch adjustment
  • Cycle manual backup system
  • Clean door track & floor.
  • ensure drain holes are free of debris (lubricate all door hinges and locks)
  • Check door alignment and insure correct operation
  • Check sliding door harness for damage and proper operation
  • Inspect door operation cables
  • Inspect door full open switch
  • Test battery
  • Check kneel system operation, lubricate kneel chain &rollers
  • Verify operation of conversion with all switches and remotes
  • Check and adjust air tire pressure as posted on “b” pillar
  • Vacuum floor / clean ramp
  • Inspect and test transfer or jump-seat operation, check all wiring for proper routing and condition
  • Inspect wheel chair tie-downs manual or power (check belt condition, operation, floor track condition, tie down bolts, operation, remove worn edges on bottom side, safety inter-lock including emergency release.)
  • All interior and external lighting

Wheelchair Lift and Commercial Van Inspection—$100

  • Check complete operation of wheelchair lift and related mobility equipment
  • Inspect all hinge points for wear and lubricate
  • Cycle manual backup system (if applicable) checking for proper operation and any safety concerns
  • Inspect power cable from lift to source
  • Load check battery (includes aux batter if equipped)
  • Check and fill hydraulic fluid levels
  • Check and tighten all mounting fasteners

Hand Control Inspection—$50

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