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Mobility Rebates

Mobility Rebate Assistance

Reimbursement for Vehicle Modifications

A person with upper extremity limb difference driving a vehicleMobility rebate programs provide cash reimbursement of up to $2,500 of the cost of approved aftermarket adaptive equipment or conversion when installed on an eligble vehicle.

Many automakers are committed to provide solutions that serve the moblity needs of all customers.  In an effort to help make adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications more affordable to customers with disabilities, over 24 US auto brands offer financial assistance through mobility rebate programs.

View our Mobility Rebate Guide to see the full list of mobility rebate programs available and find out if your automaker offers financial assistance for vehicle modifications or mobility equipment. For more information on mobility rebate programs, view our frequently asked questions.

Mobility Rebate Guide

More Than Just a Rebate

A Commitment to Our Community

Some automakers’ mobility programs also offer addtional support resources and community outreach to raise awareness for automotive adaptive equipment and accessibility. These programs include Ford, General Motors, Honda, Stellantis, and Toyota.

Ford Accessibility offers a mobility rebate program designed to help customers customize their vehicle to meet their individual mobility needs by providing up to $1,000 of financial assistance toward the cost of the installation of adaptive equipment in a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. This includes items such as mobility scooter lifts, wheelchair lifts, hand controls, and other accessibility features.

Additionally, Ford Accessibility assists customers with disabilities through the Ford Credit Accessibility Finance Program (FCAFP). This finance option provides extended contract terms (up to 108 months) in an effort to lower eligible customers’ monthly payments. It also allows eligible customers the possibility to include the cost of their vehicle modifications in the amount financed. 

Designed to make it easier and more affordable for customers with mobility impairments to customize their vehicles and improve their quality of life, the GM Fleet Accessibility Reimbursement Program helps offset the cost of accessibility modifications by providing up to a $1,500 reimbursement for the cost of eligible adaptive equipment. New vehicles purchased or leased from GM's four brands (Chevrolet, GMCBuick, and Cadillac) are eligible for this mobility rebate. This includes the BraunAbility Chevy Traverse wheelchair accessible SUV.

Additionaly, GM Fleet offers complimentary OnStar® Safety & Security coverage for 2 years to customers eligible for the Accessibility Reimbursement Program. OnStar's Safety and Security Plan includes: automatic crash response, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, and turn-by-turn navigation.

The Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program is a mobility rebate program designed to help customers with disabilities access and use Honda vehicles. The program provides financial assistance of up to $1,000 towards the cost of adaptive equipment for a vehicle, such as wheelchair lifts, ramps, and hand controls. This reimbursement is available to new Honda vehicle owners and leasees who require the use of adaptive equipment for themselves or an immediate family member due to a physical disability. New Honda Odysseys with a BraunAbility or VMI conversion are eligible for the $1,000 mobility rebate through Honda's Customer Mobility Assistance Program.

The Stellantis DriveAbility Program is part of the company's commitment to promote diversity, inclusion, and accessibility, and to make mobility solutions available to everyone. In keeping with this commitment, their mobility rebate programs offers financial reimbursement up to $1,000 for adaptive equipment installed in a new vehicle purchased or leased from one of Stellantis' brands including: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat. New Chrysler Pacificas and Chrysler Voyagers with a BraunAbility or VMI conversion are eligible for the $1,000 mobility rebate through the Stellantis DriveAbility Program.

Toyota Mobility's mission is to provide solutions that serve the mobility needs of their customers to enhance one's quality of life. One way they support this mission is by offering financial assistance through the Toyota Mobility Assistance Program. This mobility rebate program provides cash reimbursement of up to $1,000 of the cost of any aftermarket adaptive equipment or conversion, for drivers and/or passengers, when installed on any eligible purchased or leased new Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Mobility has partnered with BraunAbility and Vantage Mobility International (VMI) as the only Toyota Authorized conversions companies to provide wheelchair accessible conversion options for the Sienna. New Toyota Siennas with a BraunAbility or VMI conversion are eligible for the $1,000 mobility rebate through the Toyota Mobility Assistance Program.

Additionally, Toyota Mobility offers complimentary Toyota Care on eligible new Toyota vehicles. Toyota Care includes factory-recommended vehicle maintenance such as engine oil & filter changes, inspection & adjustmust of fluid levels, tire rotatations, and multi-point inspections for 2 years or 25k miles. This benefit also provides 24-hour roadside assistance which includes battery jump-starts, emergency fuel delivery, towing, lockout protection, and tire service for 2 years and unlimited miles.

Mobility Rebate Guide

The Definitive Guide to Mobility Rebate Programs

Use our Mobility Rebate Guide below to determine if you are eligble for a mobility rebate from your automaker when you purchase adaptive equipment for your vehicle. If you still have questions, don’t worry! Your mobility consultant at The Creative Mobility Group will be able to assist you with determining eligibility and submitting the paperwork required to process your mobility rebate!

Eligibility Period
Form Required
Dealer Signature Required
BMW$2,500Warranty periodEmail
Buick$1,5006 monthsEmail
Cadillac$1,5006 monthsEmail
Chevrolet$1,5006 monthsEmail
Dodge$1,0006 monthsMail
Fiat$1,0006 monthsMail
Ford$1,00012 monthsDealership
GMC$1,5006 monthsEmail
Genesis$1,0006 monthsMail
Honda$1,0006 monthsEmail
Hyundai$1,0006 monthsMail
Infiniti$1,0006 monthsEmail
Jeep$1,0006 monthsMail
Lexus$1,00012 monthsMail
Lincoln$1,00012 monthsDealership
Mazda$1,00090 daysEmail
Mercedes Benz$1,0006 monthsMail
Mini$2,500Warranty periodEmail
Nissan$1,0006 monthsOnline
Ram$1,0006 monthsMail
Subaru$1,00012 monthsMail
Toyota$1,00012 monthsMail

Note: This information is provided by The Creative Mobility Group for assistance and reference purposes only. Consumers should verify information with their automaker.

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