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VMI Chrysler & Dodge Northstar E


Wheelbase: 121 inches

Overall Length: 201 inches

Overall Height: 73

Overall Width: 77 inches

Maximum Floor Drop: 11 inches

Min. Vehicle Ground Clearance (ground effects): 5.5 inches

Min. Vehicle Ground Clearance (exhaust): 6.5 inches

Door Opening Height: 55.1 inches

Door Opening Width: 30.8 inches

Ramp Length (angle ramp and transition plate): 59.4 inches

Usable Ramp Width: 30 inches

Ramp Capacity: 800 pounds

Ramp Angle with PowerKneel on (curb weight): N/A

Ramp Angle with PowerKneel off (curb weight): 11.5 degrees

Overall Floor Length: 86 inches

Length from Back of Seat Bases to Kickplate: 58.25 inches

Floor Width at B Pillar: 60 inches

Floor Width Mid Row Seat Folded Up: 49 inches

Floor Width Mid Row Seat Folded Down: 37 inches single; 22.5 inches double

Floor Width Without Mid Row Seat: 66.5 inches

Weight of Mid Row Seat: 77 LBS single; 108 LBS double

Interior Height at Center Position: 57.63 inches

Interior Height at Driver Position: 58 inches w/o sunroof; 55.5 inches w/ sunroof

Interior Height at Passenger Position: 58 inches (w/o sunroof)

Cargo Area/Seat Up: 11.5 cubic feet

Average Payload (Northstar E on Dodge SE): 1225 LBS no seat; 1153 LBS single; 1117 LBS double