Caregivers who have had not had solutions before, now have more freedom and flexibility with the Northstar E.  It’s designed with the caregiver in mind to be easy to use, elementary, and economical.

As the only caregiver vehicle offering front-seat wheelchair access, the Northstar E brings both caregivers and wheelchair users practicality at an affordable price. With optional mid-row seats and side-entry benefits, the Northstar E is the easiest to use and most accommodating caregiver vehicle on the market.

The manual in-floor slide-out ramp offers easy operation for caregivers or family members of any age or size. This simple operation means low maintenance and a more reliable product.

To accommodate wheelchairs of almost any size, the Northstar E ramp has an 800-pound weight capacity and wide usable area.  The ramp stows under the floor creating and obstruction free doorway, more usable space inside the vehicle, and greater safety in the event of a collision.

With flexible seating arrangements for up to 7 passengers and more room up front, the Northstar E delivers everything needed to make the caregiver’s job easier.

For more information about the Northstar E conversion, contact the Creative Mobility Group.

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