The Creative Mobility Group, Inc. (CMG) is driven by you, the customer. You are the inspiration for the entire CMG team. Because of you, we continue to grow and discover new opportunities to ensure we are always providing the most advanced products and outstanding services. CMG has achieved a leadership position in the mobility industry through its commitment to excellence and dedication to empowering individuals with bespoke mobility needs.

Founded in 2009, the CMG team has over thirty years combined staff experience, including certified mobility consultants and technicians, and continuously maintains ethical conduct and standards. CMG provides accessible vehicles—rear-entry and side-entry lowered floor minivans, full-size conversion vans, SUVs and para-transit vehicles. We also offer vehicle modifications such as hand controls, left-foot accelerators, wheelchair securement systems, scooter and powerchair hoists. Whatever your needs may be, big or small, CMG has got it all!

We have a compassionate staff, and our goal is to demonstrate our commitment to helping you. We support your needs today and well into the future. At The Creative Mobility Group, we are here for you.