Hoist Stowage Lifts

For Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Armstrong Lift

The Armstrong lift is the ideal solution for transporting your mobility device. The compact design and powerful motor accommodates scooters and power wheelchairs up to 350 pounds for stowage in SUVs, crossover vehicles, and minivans. The unique side-mount configuration of the Armstrong lift maximizes cargo space and always allows for full use of the third-row seats when the lift is not in use.

350 Lb Lift Capacity | 3-Year Limited Warranty | Made In USA

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Bruno Curb-Sider®

Benefit from Bruno’s compact Curb-Sider. Bruno’s dependable hoist-style lift for scooters and power wheelchairs, the Curb-Sider’s space-efficient design lets you keep third-row seating when a mobility device isn’t present in most vehicles. Stand by the bumper, connect a docking device, push a button and the Curb-Sider lifts and stows your mobility device.

400 Lb Lift Capacity | 3-Year Limited Warranty | Made In USA

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Harmar 400 Series

From a pleasing aesthetic to a highly adaptable design, the Harmar Axis series sets the standard for inside lifts. With fully powered lifting and rotation, Harmar Axis lifts are one of the easiest to use inside-lifts in the industry. It is the ideal solution to stow a power wheelchair or scooter inside a van, truck, or SUV.

400 Lb Lift Capacity | 3-Year Limited Warranty

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