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The Widest Selection of Side-Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vans

The side-entry vehicle is a lowered-floor conversion, allowing for more head space for comfortably fitting a passenger in a wheelchair into the vehicle. Side-entry vehicles typically have removable front seats, allowing the wheelchair user to ride in the front passenger position or even drive the van. The vehicle can have either a fold-out ramp or an in-floor ramp that deploys from the passenger-side sliding door.

Learn more about the different side-entry conversion options below to discover which vehicle best fits your needs.

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Which Side-Entry Vehicle is Right for You?

Fold-Out Ramp vs. In-Floor Ramp Handicap Vans

Fold-Out Ramp

  • Can easily deploy over curbs, making for easy entry and exit
  • Allows wheelchair user to manually push and deploy the ramp in case of emergencies
  • The ramp must be deployed for entry or exit through ramp doorway

In-Floor Ramp

  • No ramp deployment required for entry and exit through ramp doorway
  • Ramp concealment keeps the interior appearance closer to that of a standard minivan
  • Back-up system to operate ramp in case of emergency


Manual Ramp vs. Power Ramp Handicap Vans

Manual Ramp

  • Offered on some wheelchair conversion models
  • Ideal for users who will always travel with a companion who can access the ramp easily
  • Cost-effective mobility option

Power Ramp

  • Provides exceptional convenience
  • Allows a wheelchair user to operate the vehicle independently
  • Key fob remote opens the door, deploys the ramp and activates the kneeling feature

Standard Height vs. Extra Tall Handicap Vans

Standard Height Handicap Vans

  • Between 52.5” to 55” from floor to top of opening at the doorway’s ramp entrance
  • Provides better visibility over the dash and out windows for individuals who sit shorter in their wheelchairs

Extra Tall (XT) Height Handicap Vans

  • Over 55” from vehicle floor to top of door opening at the doorway’s ramp entrance
  • Provides a better fit for individuals who sit taller in their wheelchairs, allowing easy entries and exits 

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