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The Widest Selection of Side-Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vans

The side-entry vehicle is a lowered-floor conversion, allowing for more head space for comfortably fitting a passenger in a wheelchair into the vehicle. Side-entry vehicles typically have removable front seats, allowing the wheelchair user to ride in the front passenger position or even drive the van. The vehicle can have either a fold-out ramp or an in-floor ramp that deploys from the passenger-side sliding door.

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Not all side-entry wheelchair van conversions are the same as each one is designed to meet specific needs. From mobility solutions for caregivers to configurations for independent drivers, side-entry conversion options offer versatility for a wide range of applications. Learn more about the different side-entry conversion options to discover which wheelchair van design will best fit your needs.

Fold-Out Ramp vs. In-Floor Ramp Wheelchair Vans

Fold-out ramp deploying from a side-entry wheelchair vanFold-Out Ramp

  • Can easily deploy over curbs, making for easy entry and exit
  • Allows wheelchair user to manually push and deploy the ramp in case of emergencies
  • The ramp must be deployed for entry or exit through ramp doorway
In-floor ramp deploying from a side-entry wheelchair vanIn-Floor Ramp

  • No ramp deployment required for entry and exit through ramp doorway
  • Ramp concealment keeps the interior appearance closer to that of a standard minivan
  • Back-up system to operate ramp in case of emergency

Manual Ramp vs. Power Ramp Wheelchair Vans
Woman deploys manual ramp from a side-entry wheelchair vanManual Ramp

  • Offered on some wheelchair conversion models
  • Ideal for users who will always travel with a companion who can access the ramp easily
  • Cost-effective mobility option
Hand pressing button to deploy wheelchair rampPower Ramp

  • Provides exceptional convenience
  • Allows a wheelchair user to operate the vehicle independently
  • Key fob remote opens the door, deploys the ramp and activates the kneeling feature

Standard Height vs. Extra Tall Wheelchair Vans
Side view of a side-entry wheelchair van with standard heightStandard Height

  • Between 52.5” to 55” from floor to top of opening at the doorway’s ramp entrance
  • Provides better visibility over the dash and out windows for individuals who sit shorter in their wheelchairs
Side view of side-entry wheelchair van with extra-tall heightExtra Tall (XT) Height

  • Over 55” from vehicle floor to top of door opening at the doorway’s ramp entrance
  • Provides a better fit for individuals who sit taller in their wheelchairs, allowing easy entries and exits 

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Man seated in manual wheelchair. Another person uses a tape measure to measure his height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Side-Entry Wheelchair Vans

Most side-entry wheelchair vans can accommodate 5-7 occupants. Occupant capacity is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Conversion model
  • Weight of occupants, equipment, and cargo
  • Location of wheelchair user in the vehicle

It is important to always follow safe loading practices and never exceed the gross vehicle weight rating. Below are examples of possible seating configurations for side-entry wheelchair vans. Speak with a Mobility Consultant to determine which side-entry wheelchair van conversions will meet your occupant requirement.

Side-entry wheelchair van seating configuration options