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Personal Wheelchair Docking System


The next step in independent wheelchair securement, QLK-150 offers more options and features than any other docking system on the market.

Wheelchair drivers and passengers pay a premium for the freedom to drive, and they deserve a system that looks, feels and behaves like a part of their vehicle.

QLK-150 was designed to work simply, function intelligently, and look beautiful.

QLK-150 Features and Options


Seamlessly blends into modern vehicle interiors with no modifications.

Compact design with extra-large touch area and clear LED indicators simplifies the user experience. Multiple dash controls can be installed if desired.


Seamlessly pairs with your new or existing QLK-150 docking system.

Eliminates the reach to the dash for drivers with limited mobility.
Key fob remote can be easily clipped to your key ring or mobility device.
Operator can release a passenger from outside of the vehicle.


Ditch the old stabilizing fork with  easy-to-use advanced stabilizing options.

Now your customers can have the safety of stabilization without sacrificing wheelchair drivability.

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