Mobility Independence

Can individuals on the autism spectrum drive?

Colorful puzzle for World Autsim Awareness DayYes, many people on the autism spectrum are able to learn to drive safely and independently. Because autism is considered a spectrum condition and all individuals are unique, a comprehensive evaluation by a driver rehabilitation specialist is necessary to determine if you are candidate for driving. The assessment should include a review of medical history and medication, functional ability, vision, perception, assessment of life skills, activities that assess visual and cognitive processing skills for driving, and a behind-the-wheel evaluation. After this assessment, the driver rehabilitation specialist will create a customized training program to address issues with driving and help you identify what accomodations may be needed to acheive independent, safe driving.


Additional Resources for Driving and Autism

The organizations listed below can provide more resources and information on learning for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Logos for ADED - The Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, AOTA - American Occupational Therapy Association, NMEDA - The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Assocation, and the Autism Alliance of Michigan