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3 people beside a wheelchair accessible minivan with the ramp deployed holding a sign that reads, "Thank you Michigan Rehabilitation Services."The State of Michigan recognizes the important role access to transportation plays for all members of our community, from children to adults. There are several government programs in Michigan that have dedicated resources to help people purchase wheelchiar accesible van modifications and other adaptive equipment solutions. And we’ve done the research on these programs so you don’t have to. Because we have been helping members of our Michigan communities purchase wheelchair accessible vehicles for over 40 years, our mobility consultants will be able to help you determine which wheelchair van funding programs you may be eligible for and can even assist you with the application process.

In addition to our extensive knowledge on wheelchair van grants and funding programs in Michigan, The Creative Mobility Group has also teamed up with wheelchair van finance experts to be able to offer the best financing options to make purchasing an accessible van as affordable as possible. You may also consider trading in your current vehicle toward the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van. We accept trade-ins of both wheelchair accessible vehicles and unconverted vehicles. To get started or for more information, speak with a mobility consultant at your nearest Creative Mobility Group dealership.

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Funding Programs in Michigan

Resources for Wheelchair Vans & Adaptive Equipment

Michigan's Adoption Medical Subsidy program is intended to assist with payment for necessary services related to the treatment of a physical, mental, or emotional condition certified by the Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Office (AGAO) of a child who has been placed for adoption. This program may assist with the cost of a van lift for a related condition certified the AGAO up to a maximum of $5,000 every five years.

The Children with Special Needs Fund provides support for children in Michigan with special health care needs not available through any other funding source. The Fund helps with the purchase of equipment and services that promote optimal health, mobility, and development, enhancing the lives of children and their families. This includes vehicle accessibility modificaitons such as van lifts, ramps, and turney seats.

The Michigan Crime Victim Compensation Program (CVCP) is a state-administered program that provides financial assistance to eligible victims of violent crimes in Michigan. The program was created to help victims of crime who have suffered physical, emotional, and financial harm as a result of a violent crime.

The CVCP provides reimbursement for certain out-of-pocket expenses related to the crime, including medical expenses, counseling expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses. The program is intended to help victims of crime who have no other means of financial support and who are unable to pay for these expenses on their own.

To be eligible for the Michigan CVCP, a victim must have reported the crime to law enforcement within a certain timeframe, cooperated with law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of the crime, and have incurred eligible expenses as a result of the crime. The program has certain limitations on the types of expenses that can be reimbursed and the maximum amount of reimbursement that can be provided.

If you are a victim of a violent crime in Michigan and are interested in learning more about the CVCP or applying for assistance, you can contact the Michigan Crime Victim Services Commission, which administers the program.

A passenger vehicle, pickup, or van equipped with either permanently installed wheelchair lift equipment or permanently installed hand controls and owned by a person who uses a wheelchair or transports a wheelchair user in their household is eligible for a 50-percent reduction in the standard annual registration fee. Additional service fees, such as those for personalizing the plate or for purchasing and renewing a fundraising version, will still be due.

The application for a disability license plate (form MV-110) is available online through the Michigan Secretary of State website.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) is a state agency that provides vocational rehabilitation services to Michigan residents with disabilities. The agency is part of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.

MRS’s mission is to help people with disabilities achieve greater independence and self-sufficiency through employment. The agency provides a variety of services to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment, including:

  1. Vocational Counseling: MRS staff work with individuals to assess their skills and abilities and identify career goals.
  2. Training and Education: MRS can provide training and education to help individuals develop new skills or upgrade existing ones.
  3. Job Placement: MRS staff help individuals find and apply for jobs that are appropriate for their skills and abilities.
  4. Job Accommodations: MRS can help individuals with disabilities to obtain reasonable accommodations in the workplace, such as assistive technology or modifications to the work environment.
  5. Assistive Technology: MRS can provide assistive technology devices and services to help individuals with disabilities perform their job duties.

To be eligible for services from MRS, an individual must have a physical, mental, or emotional disability that creates a substantial impediment to employment, and must be able to benefit from vocational rehabilitation services. MRS provides services to individuals of all ages, and works with employers to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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