Bruno Joey™

Model: VSL-4400

The Super-Simple Interior Platform Lift


Available Options

Customize Your Bruno Joey

Back-Off Device
Quickly remove seat back to fit larger scooters and power chairs in smaller vehicle openings

Wheel Chock
Wheel chock kit required for FWD and RWD power wheelchairs provides additional stability during transport

Belt Kit
Easily secure your mobility device with two retractable securement straps
(required in some vehicles)

How it Works

See the Bruno Joey in Action!

User Requirements

To operate the Bruno Joey, the user must have the ability to:

  • Walk from front to rear of vehicle and vice versa
  • Stand for two to three minutes
  • Drive mobility device on/off platform
  • Hold down button on control arm to power platform up/down
  • Fold and unfold wheelchair
  • Connect a hook to receiver and tighten strap to secure mobility device

Technical Specifications


Lift capacity: 350 lbs

Max. mobility device width: 28 in

Max. mobility device wheelbase length: 40 in

Vehicle types: minivans, full-size vans, select SUVs and crossovers

Installed weight: 202 lbs

Vertical travel: 34.5 in

Installation depth: 44 in

Power source: Vehicle battery (12V) or optional 12V power supply


Meets or exceeds applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Standard safety barrier

Platform illumination

The Creative Mobility Group is proud to be a distinguished Bruno Gold Dealer

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